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DOE Releases GATEWAY Report on LED Roadway Lighting

The U.S. DOE has published the first evaluation report from a GATEWAY demonstration on NE Cully Boulevard, a residential collector road in Portland, OR. Six different types of roadway luminaires were installed in side-by-side groupings and evaluated for initial performance: three LED, one induction, one ceramic metal halide, and one baseline HPS. In addition to performance data, the report also includes an evaluation of the economic feasibility of each of the alternative luminaires and documents feedback collected from local IES members who toured the site. Although not all of the installed products performed equally, the alternative luminaires generally offered higher efficacy, more appropriate luminous intensity distributions, and more favorable color quality when compared to the baseline HPS luminaire.

 GATEWAY Demonstration Assessment of LED Roadway Lighting, Host City: NE Cully Boulevard, Portland, Oregon