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DOE Issues New Fluorescent Lamp Regulations

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has issued new energy standards for general-service fluorescent lamps that are expected to reduce availability of standard 4-ft. linear and 2-ft. U-bend 32W T8 lamps as well as some reduced-wattage T8 lamps. The rules go into effect January 26, 2018. After that date, distributors may continue to sell their inventories of non-compliant lamps until these are exhausted. DOE’s 2010 National Lighting Inventory estimated that 20% of all lamps in the commercial building sector and 44% in the industrial sector are 4-ft. T8. In 2010, DOE estimated that there were 532 million 4-ft. linear T8 lamps and 14 million T8 U-bend lamps installed in commercial and industrial buildings in the United States.