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CALiPER Program Developments Planned for 2010

From Jim Brodrick

  • As the number of products listed on the Lighting FactsCM website continues to grow rapidly, DOE will selectively monitor them through a new quality assurance program to verify the accuracy of the performance claims. This step is designed to protect the integrity of the Lighting Facts label and program, and manufacturers will be notified if the test results indicate any discrepancies in performance claims, compared to the data originally provided to DOE.
  • The Quality Advocates working group on SSL reliability and lifetime is close to publishing a set of guidelines on that knotty subject
  • DOE Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium to launch a new forum to share information and experiences related to LED street lighting demonstrations. Municipalities, utilities, and energy efficiency organizations will soon be invited to join the consortium, share questions and answers, and tap into a growing body of information on LED street lights.
  • DOE plans to launch several new SSL training initiatives this year. The intention is to expand the awareness and understanding of SSL across the entire lighting industry chain, and especially to segments that know the least about it. One of the new education initiatives involves working with large retailers and distributors to provide direction on LED product development and selection, as well as messaging and support for consumer education.