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Breakthrough Design Cuts Cost of LED Light Bulbs by 40 Percent

LED lighting is still too expensive for the vast majority of consumers despite the 80% energy savings that LEDs give over traditional incandescent lighting. The LED light bulbs that are currently available use similar designs with expensive and heavy metal heatsinks to stay cool that keep the costs of LED bulbs impractical. These types of bulbs generally don't pay for themselves until after 3-4 years of typical usage. Eternaleds Inc. has introduced the world's first LED flood lights, the Quanta-9 and Quanta-18, to use a new manufacturing design process that reduces build costs by 40% and allow the bulbs to pay for themselves in less than 2 years at 8 hours usage a day. The Eternaleds Quanta-9 uses 9W to provide the light equivalent of 50W incandescent floodlights while the Quanta-18 uses 18W to provide the light equivalent of 100W incandescent floodlights. Both have a rated lifetime of 35,000 hours.