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Average Commercial Sector Retail Price of Electricity Increases to 10.26 Cents/ Kwh in May 2011 by Craig DiLouie

According to recently unveiled Department of Energy numbers, the May 2011 average commercial sector retail price was 10.26 cents per kWh, increasing 0.2% from May 2010, and 2% higher than in April 2011. The average residential sector retail price increased by 0.5% from May 2010 to 12.03 cents per kWh, and increased by 2% from 11.79 cents per kWh in April 2011. And the average industrial sector retail price for May 2011 was 6.76 cents per kWh, a 1.5% increase from May 2010, and a 2.7% increase from April 2011. Year-to-date 2011 average retail prices increased to 9.70 cents per kWh, representing a 1.6% increase from the same period in 2010.