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Audit Report on "The Department of Energy's Opportunity for Energy Savings Through Improved Management of Facility Lighting"

The DOE spends nearly $300 million per year in energy costs for its 9,000 buildings at 24 sites. Electricity costs, totaling $190 million, account for close to two-thirds of the Department's total energy expenditures, with roughly 40 percent or $76 million of those costs attributable to the cost of lighting. New lighting technologies and advanced lighting systems offer the Department the opportunity to significantly reduce energy consumption; decrease operating costs at its sites throughout the country; and, demonstrate the benefits of using new lighting technologies that are currently being developed in its laboratories and by other sources.  Because of its energy conservation leadership role, we initiated this audit to determine whether the Department's facilities had implemented lighting conservation measures. Our review of lighting equipment and systems in 96 buildings at 7 of the DOE's 24 major sites found significant opportunities for conserving energy and reducing costs.  By exploiting readily available efficient lighting and lighting systems opportunities, the Department could save over $2.2 million in electric utility operating costs annually.

 DOE Audit Report