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A New Brain for Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Retroficiency, a startup out of MIT, says its software and deep data analysis can make the process of identifying which buildings in a portfolio of hundreds are ripe for efficiency retrofits a lot easier and cheaper. Retroficiency’s software-as-a-service (Saas) platform is designed to replace a lot of the manual and time-intensive work that ESCOs and property owners must go through today to plan and execute efficiency retrofits. Retroficiency’s software aims to cut those costs by delving through tens of thousands of pieces of data to compare potential retrofit target buildings to others of the same square footage, age of construction, use and occupancy patterns and reams of similar data. The end result is a “very accurate characterization” of each building’s energy use, typically within 3 percent accuracy. That can help narrow down which buildings are fruitful targets for energy savings, versus those that won’t offer as much payback.