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Solid-State Lighting GATEWAY Demonstration Results

The U.S. DOE shares the results of completed solid-state lighting (SSL) GATEWAY demonstration projects, publishing detailed reports and briefs on completed projects, both available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. The reports include detailed analysis of data collected, projected energy savings, payback analysis, and user feedback.

Completed Projects:

1. Occupancy Sensors in LED Parking Lot and Garage Applications: Early Experiences:  Occupancy Sensor Report.
The GATEWAY program summarized and compared experiences from field installations of occupancy sensor-controlled LED lighting at four separate sites: two parking structures and two parking lots. (October 2012)

2. LED Roadway Lighting Feasibility Assessment: Golden Gate Bridge:  Golden Gate Bridge Report
The GATEWAY program conducted a technical feasibility assessment of replacing existing roadway lighting on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. (September 2012)

3. LED Roadway Lighting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Philadelphia Report 
At three sites in Philadelphia, the DOE Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium evaluated 10 different LED luminaires and compared them to the incumbent high-pressure sodium (HPS) luminaires. (September 2012)

4. LED Post-Top Lighting: Central Park, New York City:   Central Park Report
Along paved walking trails in New York City's Central Park, LED post-top mounted luminaires from five different manufacturers were installed and evaluated against the existing metal halide luminaires. (September 2012)

5. LED Roadway Lighting: Portland, Oregon:  Cully Boulevard Report
On a residential collector road in Portland, six different types of roadway luminaires were installed in side-by-side groupings and evaluated for initial performance: three LED, one induction, one ceramic metal halide, and one baseline high-pressure sodium. (June 2012)

6. LED Retrofit Lamps: Washington, DC:  Smithsonian American Art Museum Report
In several galleries at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, halogen and incandescent lighting was replaced with LED PAR 30, PAR 38, and MR16 lamps. (June 2012)

7. LED Retrofit Lamps: Malibu, California:  Getty Museum Report
At the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, 12W LED PAR 38 lamps replaced 60W halogen PAR 38 flood lamps on a one-for-one basis for a special photography exhibition. (March 2012)

8. LED Roadway Lighting: New York, New York:  FDR Drive Report
On Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive in New York City, LED luminaires from four different manufacturers were compared to the incumbent high-pressure sodium (HPS) luminaires and evaluated for relative light output and performance. (December 2011)

9. LED Ornamental Post-Top Street Lights: Sacramento, California:  Sacramento Street Light Report
The DOE Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium evaluated four different LED replacements for existing ornamental post-top street lights in Sacramento using computer simulations, field measurements, and laboratory testing. (December 2011)

10. LED Retrofit Lamps: Eugene, Oregon:  Jordan Schnitzer Museum Report
In the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, 90W PAR38 130V narrow flood lamps used for accent lighting were replaced with 12W LED PAR38 replacement lamps for a special exhibition, and the museum also staged a side-by-side comparison of three different LED PAR38 replacement lamps against their standard halogen lamp. (September 2011)

11. LED Retrofit Lamps: Portland, Oregon:  Bonneville Power Administration Report
In the Bonneville Power Administration headquarters building in Portland, 15W and 23W reflectorized compact fluorescent (CFL) track lights used to illuminate artwork were replaced with 12W LED lamps. (July 2011)

12. LED T8 Replacement Products: Seattle, Washington:  LED T8 Replacement Product Study
At the Lighting Design Lab in Seattle, LED T8 replacement products were compared to their fluorescent counterparts. These "best in class" examples of LED products are approaching linear fluorescent systems in performance, in some cases showing superior application efficacies. (May 2011)

13. LED Parking Lot Lighting: Leavenworth, Kansas:  Walmart Report
At a new Walmart Superstore in Leavenworth, Kansas, LED parking lot luminaires were installed that achieved a 63% energy savings against a theoretical baseline. (May 2011)

14. LED Retrofit Lamps: San Francisco, California:  InterContinental Hotel Report
At the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco, halogen wall-grazing luminaires, track lights, and recessed downlights in the lobby and other common areas were retrofitted with 6W LED MR-16 or 11W PAR30 replacement lamps. January 2012)

15. LED Museum Accent Lighting: Chicago, Illinois:  Field Museum Report
At Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History, 32 halogen track luminaires used to light an enclosed gallery exhibit were replaced with an LED system using 26 track fixtures. (November 2010)

16. LED Parking Lot Lighting: Manchester, New Hampshire:  T.J. Maxx Report
In a shopping plaza parking lot in Manchester, New Hampshire, high-pressure sodium and metal halide luminaires were replaced with LED luminaires controlled by integral occupancy sensors that vary between "high" and "low" light output settings. (June 2010)

17. LED Roadway Lighting: Palo Alto, California:  Palo Alto Report
In Palo Alto, California, seven LED and three induction streetlight luminaires replaced high-pressure sodium (HPS) luminaires on two residential streets, and two LED and two induction luminaires were installed on a commercial street to test a remote streetlight monitoring system. (June 2010)

18. LED Street Lighting: Lija Loop, Portland:  Lila Loop Report
On Lija Loop, a residential street in Portland, Oregon, eight high-pressure sodium cobra head fixtures were replaced with LED street light luminaires. (November 2009)

19. LED Freezer Case Lighting: Albertsons Grocery:  Freezer Case Report
At an Albertsons Grocery in Eugene, Oregon, upright freezer cases were retrofitted with LED striplights combined with occupancy sensors, and compared against standard fluorescent lighting on the opposite side of the aisle. (October 2009)

20. LED Roadway Lighting: I-35W Bridge:  Bridge Report, Phase 1
The I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, features LED roadway lighting on the main span, offering DOE the opportunity to study the use of LED lighting in a highly challenging environment over the course of three years. (August 2009)

21. LED Parking Lot Lighting: Raley's Supermarket:  Raley's Report
At a Raley's Supermarket in West Sacramento, California, several metal halide (MH) luminaires were replaced with new LED luminaires incorporating bi-level operation (dim state and full state) controlled by motion detectors. (February 2009)

22. LED Street Lighting: City of San Francisco:  San Francisco Report
In the Sunset District of San Francisco, four manufacturers' LED street lights were installed on four public avenues to replace 100-watt nominal high-pressure sodium luminaires, independently demonstrating the performance of a number of currently available products in one specific application. (December 2008)

23. LED Parking Garage Lighting: Providence Portland Medical Center:  PPMC Report
With an eye on replacing its aging stock of luminaires campus-wide, PPMC wanted to evaluate more energy-efficient lighting options. (November 2008)

24. LED Residential Downlights and Undercabinet Lights:  Eugene Report
LED downlights represent one of the most promising applications for SSL technology and significant energy savings. (October 2008)

25. LED Walkway Lighting: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Technical Center:  FAA Report
At the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, six modular LED luminaires were installed along exterior walkways, replacing six high-pressure sodium luminaires. (March 2008)

26. LED Street Lighting: City of Oakland:  Oakland Report, Phase III   Oakland Report, Phase II 
The City of Oakland wanted to assess the energy, economic, and safety impacts of replacing high-pressure sodium (HPS) street lights with LED luminaires. (Phase III, November 2008; Phase II, January 2008)