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Energy Conservation Standards for Incandescent Reflector Lamps (IRL) Effective Date of new DOE Standards: July 14, 2012

Impact: Only a few of today's halogen reflector lamps, e.g. PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38, can meet the standards in the Final Rule. In order to meet the new standards, reflector lamps will need to use new technologies such as advanced infrared (IR) coatings and optimized reflector coatings. IR coatings redirect wasted heat energy emitted by the lamp filament back to the filament, increasing the temperature of the filament, and thus enabling it to produce more light without increasing wattage. Optimized reflector coatings will more efficiently direct light produced by the lamp out of the lamp and into the space being illuminated. The few existing lamps that meet the new standards are more expensive than the standard halogen lamps on the market today. While the initial cost of the new higher efficiency reflector lamps will be higher, the consumer should see a payback through reduced electrical bills depending on the amount of time the lamps are "on".

 NEMA One-pager on New 2012 Standards for IRL Final