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DOE Publishes Long-Term Testing Investigation of Retail Lamps

CALiPER Retail Lamps Study 3.2 focuses on lumen depreciation and color shift in a subset of 15 LED A lamps from CALiPER Retail Lamps Study 3. The lamps were monitored in an automated long-term test apparatus for more than 7,500 hours.On average, the lumen maintenance of the LED lamps was better than either of the […]

City of San Diego Partners with GE to Improve Traffic, Reduce Energy Use and Costs

The Intelligent Cities partnership will explore enhanced sensors and Predix® — GE’s software platform for the Industrial Internet which allows for advanced lighting control, traffic and parking optimization, and environmental monitoring and analysis. The work on the project, expected to begin in the spring, will focus on an assessment of a portion of LED street […]

Rebate Trends for 2015

2015 is shaping up to be another great year for rebates and incentives in North America. Over the past few months, rebate organizations have been busy updating their offerings and preparing their 2015 programs. While some programs ended at the end of 2014, others programs have received new funding and started providing rebates again. Right […]

An Ounce of Prevention, Part 2

An Ounce of Prevention, Part 2

The smartest thing you can do about fires is prevent them. Oil is prominent in the industrial workplace. Spilled/leaked oil presents three hazards: slipping, toxicity hazard, and fire. The source of an oil puddle is usually a mechanical problem (e.g., damaged seal), but an oil leak/spill/puddle becomes your problem if you are the first to […]

Neon Signs and Lighting, Part 2

Neon Signs and Lighting, Part 2

In Part 1, we said if your secondary-circuit wiring is under 1kV, you can use any Chapter 3 wiring method suitable for the conditions. And there were a few catches. But what if your secondary-circuit wiring is 1kV or over? If that’s the case, you must install the conductors in one of the raceways listed […]