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LEDinside Estimates 2015 LED Industrial Lighting Market to Reach $2.37 B

And by 2018 the scale will reach $3.935 billion. LED high and low bay lighting fixtures have become more attractive for industrial lighting users for replacement purposes. Furthermore, LED lighting products have seen additional increases in performance and decreases in price. These improvements, together with industrial lighting products’ high profit margins, have made industrial application […]

DTE to Upgrade Port Huron, MI Street Lights

Port Huron is next on the list for DTE Energy’s $4 million street lighting improvement project. Scott Simons, DTE spokesman, said the lights will be upgraded from mercury vapor to LED. The change is estimated to save the city about 30 percent in energy cost. DTE Energy will upgrade the older street lights that are […]

NEMA Publishes ANSI C136.16-2014

American National Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment—Enclosed, Post Top-mounted Luminaires. This standard is useful to roadway and area lighting manufacturers, municipalities, utilities; and provides requirements to allow for the interchangeability of enclosed, post top-mounted luminaires. It covers dimensional, maintenance, and light distribution features that permit the interchange of enclosed, post top-mounted high-intensity discharge […]

High Rebates for High Bay Fixtures

Whether replacing antiquated T12HO systems or inefficient HID systems, installing fluorescent, pulse start metal halide LED or induction high bay fixtures can save on energy costs, provide better light levels and also bring in high rebates.

Motor Disconnects, Part 1

Motor Disconnects, Part 1

Is the following statement true or false? Every motor must have a disconnect, and that disconnect must be installed within sight of the motor. The statement may sound right, but technically it’s false. The disconnect for the motor controller can serve as the disconnect for the motor [430.102(A) and (C)]. The logic here is that […]