Victor Jury Jr.

At Summit Electric Supply, ethical practices are at the foundation of our relationship with our customers, our suppliers and our fellow associates. It is our policy to adhere to good business principles and to deal with our customers with honesty and integrity.

We provide a professional sales, service and management team that is readily available to all our customers. It is our desire to represent and provide to our customers quality products from suppliers who aspire to these same standards of integrity and honesty.

It is Summit's intent to earn your business based on our total value to you. Our commitment to total value encompasses the following:

  • We will continually pursue higher levels of service and response both before and after the sale.
  • We will seek to provide new and expanded services to meet the specific needs of our customers.
  • We will maintain high levels of inventory consistent with marketplace demand.
  • We will communicate with our customers in a factual, straightforward and honest manner.
  • We will offer technical assistance and customer training opportunities where applicable and appropriate.
  • We will provide quality products at fair prices that give our customers an attractive return on investment and favorable life-cycle cost.
  • We will extend and administer fair and appropriate credit terms.
  • We will maintain a staff of highly trained, dedicated and professional associates.
  • We will operate the administrative aspects of our business with integrity and timeliness.
  • We will not attempt to influence our customers' requirements with inappropriate personal gifts, incentives or entertainment.
  • We will employ leading technologies and the best practices in all aspects of our business to ensure the highest level of service and the best total value to our customers.
  • We will meet or exceed our customers' requirements and will treat all matters with a conscientious sense of urgency.
  • Based on meeting these commitments through our ethical standards, we seek to maintain long-term relationships with our customers. It is our hope that should we fail to meet these commitments in any way, that you, our valued customer, would realize that our failure is one of omission, not one of intent, policy or practice.

Further, we would appreciate an open and honest dialogue with you to correct any omissions, and to be of greater value to you.

Victor R. Jury
Victor R. Jury, Jr.

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