Summit Associate with Customer

At Summit Electric Supply, we're dedicated to filling orders quickly and accurately. Because we understand that poor service isn't just annoying - it's expensive.

Summit guarantees service you can count on.

30-Second Counter Service Guarantee®

Instead of "take-a-number" devices, Summit sales counters feature bright blue buttons. Just press one and you are guaranteed to be served within 30-seconds, or you'll receive a Summit Buck® worth a $5 credit toward your purchase.

This signature service began more than 30 years ago when Summit decided against the "take-a-number" approach with our customers. No matter how busy we may be, you are never just a number at Summit service counters.

Summit Associate with Customer 20/20 Will Call Guarantee®

Calling ahead to place an order by phone can be a real time-saver, but not if your order isn't ready when you arrive. At Summit, your account will be credited $20 if your order isn't ready in 20 minutes from the time you call it in.*

* custom wire/cable cuts, large quantities of conduit, back ordered or nonstock material excluded