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Summit has been victimized by persons who have duplicated Summit information and bank checks.

In one type of identity fraud scheme, vendors, often of computer or medical supplies, have received an email purporting to be from a Summit associate and requesting a quote for various supplies. The email often originates from a free email account such as or from some derivative of Summit's actual domain name such as Fraudulent credit background documents, including Summit's actual credit references, may be provided. Vendors are asked to make shipments on credit.

Since becoming aware of this form of corporate identity theft, Summit has reported all details to the FBI and has taken steps to notify its bank and business credit reporting agencies of this scheme. If you have received such a request, please verify it with Dan Long at 1-505-346-9000 prior to extending credit.

Summit understands that another way the stolen material is being used is that forged checks are being sent to potential victims as if the checks were a partial payment of a prize in a contest. The potential victim is told to send their bank account information so the "rest of the prize" can be wire transferred.

Summit has informed the FBI and its bank of this criminal conduct and both have opened investigations and are actively pursuing those responsible. Summit is not responsible for and abhors the actions of these people and our bank will not honor forged checks.

Summit encourages anyone receiving a Summit check which is not associated with providing goods or services against a valid Summit purchase order to contact their local FBI office to report the crime. If you are a provider of goods or services and unsure whether a Summit purchase order or check is valid, we encourage you to contact our corporate finance team at 1-800-225-7858.

Summit further reminds potential victims of illegal schemes that they should never provide banking information to unknown parties.

Additional information is available from the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

This notice is posted as part of Summit's commitment to social responsibility.