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Conserving Energy

Summit has been respectful of the environment and working to conserve energy for many years, long before the days of high energy costs and the current focus on energy management.

Summit documented its commitment to the environment back in the early 1990s when it drafted its first recycling policy. Our commitment to recycling is stronger today than ever. Summit has a corporate-wide contract with a waster broker who processes Summit's white paper, cardboard, trash and other recyclable items. This move was not only good for the environment but also saved Summit 19 percent on waste management costs.

When it comes to energy management, Summit doesn't just recommend energy saving products. We install them in our own service centers.

Many of our warehouses have skylights. Since many of our service centers are in the Southwest where sunny days are the norm, this practice reaps large rewards. But it doesn't stop there. Many of our warehouses have been retrofitted with T5 high-bay fluorescent lighting, replacing the older metal halide fixtures.

Our office areas provide another opportunity to use energy saving products. Many of our service centers have been retrofitted with energy efficient products such as the Lithonia RT5 fixture, occupancy sensors, energy saving lamps and more.